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Web Design, Print and Marketing Solutions

Providing creative and professional web design, print and marketing solutions with a precise focus on delivering high-quality standards and best practices.

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Web Design


Marketing Solutions

Who are we?

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MB Web Design is a full-service digital marketing agency, based in Edmonton, AB. offering web design, social media marketing, search engine optimization, graphic design, promotional printing, product design and all other services that can help small business owners to develop interactive solutions that are needed to build and promote their brand.

With our highly skilled and experienced web designers, we create customized website designs specially designed to suit your business needs. We combine the latest techniques together with Wix.com, to create websites with seamless integration tools to provide one of the highest quality web design services on the market today.

Our Focus

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  • Creating a brand strategy that works both online and offline

  • Crafting a communication strategy that is right for your business

  • Building a stunning website that is easy to use

  • Establishing your website as a portal for resources, information, and referrals

  • Driving traffic through search engines like Google

  • Establishing a direct channel of communication with customers (CRM)

Why Choose
MB Web Design & Arts

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MB Web Design & Arts is an experienced Wix Partner that has built dozens of Wix websites for both small and large businesses. We understand the importance of leveraging your online presence to make meaningful connections with your customers and generate new business.

Our specialties include:

  • Communications strategy

  • Branding & logo design

  • Market research

  • Digital strategy

  • Website design

  • SEO

  • Email Marketing

  • Social media campaigns

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